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If like me, you have at least one fussy eater in your home then you‘ve come to the right place. Hide My Veggies is dedicated to helping you in a number of different ways and came about due to a number of different factors in my life.

Hide My Veggies combines my love for food, the lessons I learned growing up and one very fussy eater!

My journey started when I was a child, growing up in Lithuania, where I spent many happy days with my Mum in the kitchen, learning to cook amazing food and baking delicious cakes. Money was often tight in our home at that time and my Mum taught me to respect and love food. Not once, did I ever see her throw away any food. She used everything we had and made sure it all went a long way. We cooked everything from scratch as there weren’t any microwave meals available at that time in our town, thankfully! In fact, I’ve never even considered buying ready-made or pre-cooked meals. All these lessons and experiences helped shape who I am today.

The next chapter in my life started a couple years ago, when I moved to London to be with the man I fell in love with. This is where I faced one of my biggest challenges so far! My British fiancée is an amazing man, but he had the most appalling eating habits! He was a fussy eater, who loved burgers, chips, pizzas, chocolate, cakes and other junk food; and worst of all, microwave meals!

Before moving to London, it was very easy to eat nutritious food, but suddenly life became much harder. I was living with someone who only wanted meat and potatoes and nothing else! There was literally no vegetables in his diet and not nearly enough fruits.

Today, I’m happy to say my fiancée eats zucchini, broccoli, mushrooms and other veggies without even complaining or sometimes even knowing! He happily asks for seconds! If you have a fussy eater, a partner or child in your home, you’ll understand how much of an achievement this is! We also prepare our own fakeaways as weekend treats or I’ll bake a delicious cake rather than ordering real takeaways or buying sugary cakes and biscuits from the shops. Not only is this cheaper but it tastes better and is much healthier!

But doesn’t this take up so much time? I can’t hold down a job and a family while cooking meals from scratch every day, I hear you groan! Well actually most of the food I prepare takes less time to cook then ordering a pizza and getting it delivered. I think you’ll find these meals are time well invested, rather than time wasted.

So, what can you expect from my diary? Well, everything from simple but delicious breakfast, lunch and dinners to amazing baking treats and wonderful weekend lunch. All made from scratch, all made with fresh ingredients. Most important of all, I really hope you get a lot of love, value and respect for good food, which will help you create your own happy stories and memories.

Welcome to my world and let’s hide those veggies.