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Panna cotta with roasted peach and nectarine is a very easy recipe, but one that comes with a big punch of flavour. This is a sugar free option with seasonal fruits. A perfect dessert for a weekend afternoon tea celebration.

I’m obsessed with peaches and nectarines. I could eat them all day, every day. Juicy, fragrant and unbelievably sweet – everything you could possibly want. During this time of year, I’m always trying to incorporate them in my cooking as much as possible. So what could be better than a silky and smooth panna cotta with jammy, boozy fruits!?

Panna cotta is such an easy recipe. To nail it, you just need dairy, sweetener and gelatine. That’s it. Three main components and after setting time you can enjoy the most delicious dessert.

You can elevate the flavour by incorporating different textures and ingredients. One idea is fruit powder, which is a massive game changer! I found some in Borough Market (London) and to be honest, I don’t know how I was able to live without it before. Fruit powder gives amazing fragrance without making the mixture too watery – which is what you need for the perfect panna cotta.

Panna Cotta with Roasted Peach and Nectarine

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As always, feel free to make changes to this recipe:

  • I used a mix of peaches and nectarines. However, feel free to use any fruits – the taste will be still amazing.
  • For some acidity I used the juice of one lime, although if you wish you can swap it for lemon juice.
  • Lastly, I added honey as a substitute for sugar, but feel free to use agave, caster sugar or sweeteners.

I wish that somehow, there was some superpower to extend fruit season and we’d be able to enjoy them all year long. On the other hand, having them for just a couple of months per year really helps appreciate the flavour. So, for the last few days, while stone fruits are still in season, let’s enjoy them as much as we can.

Let’s celebrate peaches!


Panna Cotta with Roasted Peach and Nectarine Recipe

Panna Cotta:
250g mascarpone
100ml double cream
3 teaspoons of mango powder (buy here)
1 tablespoon of honey
3 sheets of gelatine

Roasted Fruits:
1 peach
1 nectarine
1 tablespoon of honey
50ml rum
1 lime (juice and zest)

  1. Prepare the panna cotta: soak gelatine sheets in a bowl with cold water for 5 minutes.
  2. Heat the mascarpone, double cream, honey and mango powder in a saucepan until they start boiling. Add the soaked gelatine sheet and heat everything together.
  3. Pour your panna cotta into jars and leave them in the fridge for a couple of hours or overnight.
  4. Prepare the roasted fruits: preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
  5. Slice the peaches and nectarines and place them in a baking dish with honey, rum, lime zest and juice. Finish everything with a couple of bunches of fresh mint. Mix everything together and bake for 30 minutes.
  6. Serve the panna cotta with fruit slices and juice.
Panna Cotta with Roasted Peach and Nectarine